The Company

The Company

Tabsal Engineered Wood Product

Although Tabsal is only 20 years old, the company was built from a success story that began in 1952. 

In this year Carpintería Saldise was born, who would become the founder of an important manufacturing company of interior doors called Industrias Carsal, a pioneer in Spain, manufacturing hidden edge doors in the 60’s, moulded doors in the 80’s, lacquered doors in the 90’s and finally technical doors, both fire resistant and acoustic in the early years of this century. 

Tabsal Engineered Wood Product

Tabsal was born in 1999, launched as a new initiative from Carsal, tasked with the technological challenge of replacing quality solid wood with a product composed of wood that solves the great and historical problems of its use, stability.

As a result of an internal R+D+I process developed in Carsal, the LIGNUMSTRAND product was finally born, and with it Tabsal. Currently, the third generation of this family is in charge of the company

Environmental Commitment

TABSAL SCL SL assumes a responsibility and a commitment to the environment and sustainable development, which begins with its raw materials, buying and selling products with PEFC certification, thus ensuring its sustainability and its role as a CO2 sink. It is also important to note that the wood with which Lignumstrand is manufactured comes from within a perimeter of 200 km from the factory, which makes our product local, minimizing transport and thus avoiding large amounts of emissions into the atmosphere.

The waste wood from the process is reused, some for energy production in the same process plant, and some for energy production in processing plants in the surrounding area.

The calculation of the product's carbon footprint is under development, but it can be seen that it is a product that represents a sustainable opportunity for the construction sector and in the field of bio-economics, whilst in addition to being made from local wood which only requires 5 years to grow, and having a transformation process that does not require a great deal of energy, is an efficient carbon sink, and the CO2 captured remains in it for 50 years (average life of the product).

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

TABSAL SCL is a company where innovation is not only based on developing new products, it is also promoting new business models, offering new services and improving processes to be able to offer the customer the right product.

The vision of TABSAL SCL is always to achieve the very best end result, hence our collaborative spirit in all areas of the business: with customers, suppliers, technical partners and organizations.

Amongst the many values of the organization, the fundamental pillar of quality stands out, to be seen as a total guarantee of compliance with customer needs and expectations.