The Product

The Product

Tabsal Engineered Wood Product

LIGNUMSTRAND is the trademark of a product whose generic name is  LSL  (Laminated Strand Lumber).

It belongs to the large family of structural wood composite products, better known as EWP (Engineered Wood Product); it is a macro plank (8200*620 with a thickness between 30-100 mm) with mechanical characteristics similar or even better than solid wood itself.

Tabsal Engineered Wood Product

LIGNUMSTRAND is manufactured from mainly poplar wood, certified to be grown locally, which is converted into strands that are dried as strands and bonded with polyurethane resins, free of formaldehyde and phenol. Once oriented and stacked, these are introduced into a press that, by means of pressure and steam injection, makes a board whose has an homogeneous density profile.

LIGNUMSTRAND is available in two types, Industrial and Structural. The fundamental difference between them is that the Industrial product is not subject to external control, whilst the Structural product is CE marked and consequently has the control that this type of product requires according to its System. A version with higher fire resistance is also manufactured by adding fire retardants in the process, achieving a classification of C s1 d0 and surprising charring rates.

Structural Lignumstrand

LIGNUMSTRAND in its structural version is extraordinarily stable and strong. Its direct use as a beam or as a component of composite beams, whether double T- box, lattice, or as compnents of trusses, I-Joist, Box beams, posts, lintels, uprights, purlins and other structural construction elements, is the reason for its design.

Its composition is free of formaldehyde and other possible VOC emitting compounds, as shown by the tests carried out. It obtains the highest score, A+ in the French evaluation system and German AgBB 2018, making LIGNUMSTRAND as safe as the wood it is made of. LIGNUMSTRAND is a structural product for protected use, service class 1 and 2, and is not suitable for unprotected outdoor use.

There are two qualities as can be seen in the downloadable chart, one with a high modulus of rupture in bending parallel to the grain (MOR), 35 at the edge and 39 N/mm2 at the face, and another that although lower this, 27 and 34, offers a "charring rate" or speed of carbonization with a really impressive Bn (0-30) = 0.54 mm / min. Values similar to those that a high density hardwood can offer.

Industrial Lignumstrand

LIGNUMSTRANDis manufactured in a dedicated version for industrial use in many different areas, from quality packaging to billiard table structures, technical and special door frames, as well as upholstered furniture structures, countertops, stair treads, extra strong shelves for commercial and industrial shelving, etc.

The two main qualities that promote these and other uses are resistance and stability. Thanks to its special composition and process, LIGNUMSTRAND offers exceptional stability qualities that ensure the lack of movement, so frequent in solid wood, for life. It also offers stress-breakage values as high or more than most typical European hardwoods such as oak, beech, chestnut, etc.

We call this product CH followed by the value of the average density concerned, in fact the standard production of this product is composed of five qualities: CH-60, CH-65, CH-70 AND CH-80. The higher the density, the higher the breaking strength value.